Heartwarming tribute from family and friends

Mrs. Mautin Adekanye (Wife)

“Then, when our dying bodies have been transformed into bodies that will never die, this scripture will be fulfilled: Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting? For sin is the sting that results in death, and the law gives sin its power. But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

I Corinthians 54-57 NLT

I thank God for our journey, where we started and where we were when you left this world. I am thankful because back in in 2003 when you had partial stroke, God gave us victory, you survived. In 2012, when you also had heart failure, you survived.

This one came as a blow. On the 19th of March, you went out and when you came back, you ate Amala and Ewedu, your favorite food which you requested for in the morning. As usual, after eating in front of the house because you prefer fresh air, you went straight to the room to work on the book you were writing. When I entered the room after watching Dove Television around 11 pm, I prayed for the family and we sat down to gist before sleeping as we always have. If I had known that it will be the last time, I would have insisted we stay awake all night. You talked about your mother and not long after we slept.

We didn’t even wake up in the middle of the night to urinate, when you woke up by 6 AM to urinate, you came back to the room coughing and I asked you to sit up so that the cough will subside. I immediately called Jumoke and she called her brother, Tope who rushed home.

I held you in my hands and dipped my fingers into your mouth. Jumoke tried to check your blood pressure and she called Yiseyon, they also held you. It wasn’t long after you gave up.

With all the strength I could summon, I kept on hitting you and asking you to wake up because in that moment, I didn’t believe that you had taken your last breath. Everything happened under ten minutes and you gave up before Tope and his oga arrived. You didn’t give us a fighting chance at all but God who is our creator understands. He is all knowing and everything that we humans cannot understand, he understands all of it.

I remember on 3 December 2018 when we were in Oyan, you woke me up one morning asking me that “will I die in Oyan,” and I remember I asked you what you meant by that. Even after we got back to Lagos, nothing happened to you. You were not sick, you went about your daily activities with even a renewed enthusiasm. I didn’t know that this life is that brief.

God is great, whatever he has predestined will happen and the ways of the lord, no man can stop him or challenge him.

You were never materialistic, you were contented with everything you had. You never competed with anyone. You were not bothered about building big mansions or big houses, you always insisted that as long as you had a place to sleep, you are okay.

You loved your children and you were only concerned about training your children and you did. You taught them to always work hard and be contented with what they have. You were my pillar and if I come back to this world again, I will choose you. My prayer is that God gives me the strength to complete everything you couldn’t complete.

Oko mi, Abefe Agbe, Omo Olaule, Akobi Elemosho, Akori arodo oro, Akori arodo meside, Akori arodo mesigbede eru saju, Akori arodo mesileke. Sun re o, oti fi mi le. Iwaju to ko ju si ko ma baje, eyin to fisile koma baje. Mo ti gba fun olorun!!!

I remember you always say long life is by luck and I sincerely taught you will live longer but who can explain the ways of the lord.

May your soul continue to rest in the bosom of our lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Gbemisola (Adekanye) Ashade

Haaa! Iku doro ooo, Baami, Abefe Agbe, Akobi Elemose, Omo Olaole.

When will this tears stop? Can it ever stop? When I got the call that you were no longer breathing, It was like a mirage. On my way coming, I refused to believe but when I opened the gate and saw a lot of people in the compound, it dawned on me that Baami is gone truly. I am fatherless! You were a giant in my life, how could you be gone, just like that!!!

Baami, right from when I was small, I remembered when it was only you and I. Kayode and Maami where in Oyan then, you took good care of me. As forgetful as I can be, I remembered those times because I was just three years old.

You instilled in all of us a love for reading. In primary four, you told Kayode and I to pick novels and read and summarize, Kayode was in primary three. I picked ‘Tess Of D’Urbivilles’, Kayode picked ‘Mayor of Casterbridge’. We summarized it and you marked it for us.

All of us took our love of reading from you, you introduced us to a wide variety of books, I love reading fictions and a little bit of history,, Kayode reads everything, Femi does not read fiction at all, Tope and Jumoke too reads everything, out of all us only Jumoke did literature, you were proud that at least one of your children did literature. I remembered then at night, when we’ll all stay outside and discuss books, we all had to know about history. World war 1, World war 2, Adolf Hitler, Napoleon Bonaparte. All these topics were usually the topics of discussion, Baami was the most vocal followed by Kayode, then Femi, we have no choice but to read to keep abreast of this discussions. You were helping me to instill this love for reading in Iyiola and I intend to continue.

We thank God for your life. You trained all of us, you were so passionate about education. You so much love teaching. It is your calling to the extent that you teach for free. You are at your most active and very happy when teaching. As a principal you taught, even when you retired you continued teaching. You left a legacy that must be continued and we intend to continue. Goodnight Baami, sleep on beloved.

Kayode Adekanye

They named him Sunday Adebisi and he was the son of Caleb Adekeye and Comfort Ayoola. He was my father and my teacher. He had a bookshelf & it was that bookshelf that changed my life. In it were books of all hues and persuasions; science, poetry, philosophy, history, accounting, marketing, advertising and he enjoined all of us to read them and read them we did.

My father was such a man that would stand when everybody was cowed… As long as he believed he was doing the right thing, he would bulldoze impediments, prejudice, fear and doubt out of the way with the force of his passion and conviction.

He loved life. He loved books, music, movies and his students. He would play his favorite music on his Kenwood Sound System and hum and dance on Sunday evenings the only days he doesn’t teach. He was larger than life.

Indefatigable and unbreakable he was a rock that weathered storms and trials and never complained. He would eat anything you put on his plate. He spoke Yoruba fluently and English was reserved for anger, intellectual jousting at home and the shaping of his students.

I inherited from him his sense of fairness and righteousness, the brilliant edges of intellect and insight and a love of words. He gave to all his children a sense of wonder and curiosity. The thirst to know things and say things and explain things. But above all, he gave us the gift of courage. The boldness to dream, the energy to strive and the willingness to stand apart from the maddening crowd & fight for what is right what is true and what is noble. He taught us that dignity was a thing of the mind and material wealth is nothing without a depth of intellect and spirit.

He left a wealth beyond compare. We his children are the houses he built. His treasures are the thousands of students he taught in an unbroken span of fifty years from the year 1970 to the evening of 19th March 2019, the day before he died.

We carry his legacy of exhortations and admonitions in our hearts…

To live in the hearts of those you leave behind is not to die.

Femi Adekanye

Baami, you have thrown me to an endless grief. March 20th isn’t a day to remember. Your death was most shocking remembering the fact that we spoke on phone a day before when you asked me when I would be home again. We knew death would certainly come but we never envisaged so soon. You were full of life, incurably hardworking and always eager to help in times of trouble. Who could have ever thought that a lion who shook the whole forest would ever go voiceless and lie peacefully unperturbed by rumbles in the jungle? I could remember you encouraging me when I was in that all I need to excel is to work hard and never relent in the pursuit of my steams. You cheered me and my siblings on and always reminded us of our humble beginning. Your several whips shaped me. There is whole lot of things to write about you but the summary remains that you were a loving father, teacher and a giant amongst your peers. I don’t think anyone could have had a better father. Adebisi Adekanye, the son of Caleb Adekeye, the grandson of  Oladimeji and great grandson of Olaule. Akobi Elemosho, sunre oo. Odigba odigboshe. We will keep celebrating you till we meet again.

Temitope Adekanye

Baba was a man of many facets. A disciplined, seasoned and masterful teacher, a thorough administrator and a consummate writer. He was more than that to me though. To me, he was the house at the top of the rock you know would be there after an arduous journey through the rough forest of life.

Baba was the first person that saw me becoming a medical doctor even when I did not see it myself. He told me as long as people do it, I can do it. At the Talk, a night before my resuming in medical school, he did not warn me or threaten me to succeed. He told me that the choices I make in school would determine how my life would turn out and he would always do his bit as a father. The rest is left to me. That drove me throughout my life in school and still drives me today.

Baba loved with a fierceness and solidity that taught me how to love. He trained me in the simple values of life: honesty, hard work and consistency. He taught me the essence of a good weekend of rest after a full week of hard work. He pushed me never to stop building a better future for my family and myself.

Baba understood that I grew up even if he found it a bit difficult to bear. He initially expressed his utter displeasure at my refusing to relocate when Taraba State was my posting for NYSC yet he did not hide how brave he thought I was for sticking to my guns and finishing my posting there. He did not beat me as I thought he would once when some boys stole a pair of my school sandals while playing football but gave me money to go buy another pair because he figured walking with my bare feet all the way from school was enough punishment.

I will miss him in more ways than can ever be expressed on paper. I will miss discussing history, Nigeria’s problems, and the latest news with him. I will miss watching his favorite action movies, war movies, documentaries and BBC news with him. I will miss his stories, his unique perception of people and his long talks of just about anything.

So long Baba. May your soul rest in perfect peace.

Jumoke Adekanye

You were an amazing father, Baami. Many fathers have existed before you and more will exist after you but none can walk in your shoes. You allowed us to fly even when we didn’t understand our destination. The first time I failed in school, you told me that if I worked hard, the sky will be my stepping stone. You believed in my abilities even when I didn’t believe in myself.

When I was a child, like every other young girl, I promised myself that when I grow up I will marry a man like my father because even at that age,  I recognized the fact that you undertook your responsibilities and duties as a father and a husband with an outstanding devotion that cannot be paralleled.

You never failed us. We didn’t have a lot but we never lacked anything. You were never afraid, you defended us at every point. You taught us humility and joy.

I always tell people that we have love in our hearts because we were birthed in love by wonderful parents who were destined for each other.  I tease Maami every day and I call her fine girl because I saw the affection you both shared every single day I am thankful to God for bringing me to the world through that gift.

You were a force and you lighted everywhere your legs took you. No one can deny that you fulfilled your assignment in the world with merit. Ajumie, you will say now there is no one to call me Ajumie anymore. You never gave up, I still remember that fateful day last year, we repaired the generator till midnight, you insisted that we will use electricity that night and we did.

You didn’t have the grace of taking no for an answer.

The wise engineer, you always called yourself after fixing anything that was broken.  In a thousand years, I never imagined that you will leave so soon, maybe I thought you were going to live forever because people who are true truly never die.

Now, all we are left with is memories and stories. You gave us a legacy and we will carry your presence with us in everything we achieve in this world. I love you Baami, Abefe, Akobi Elemoso, may the angels accompany you in the afterlife and may your soul rest in perfect peace.

Zacchaeus S. Adunola

I bless God for this one important man who happens to be everything a father is to me. Baba is a fighter, he fought for me and gave me the life I wouldn’t have had ordinarily. Baba is a rare gem, sleep on beloved. Adieu

Ashade Olaniyi

Your death came as a shock, you have been a wonderful daddy, and you never took me as an in-law but as a son. May your gentle soul rest in the bosom of the most high God.

Chibuzor (Ikejimba) Adekanye

Where do I start from? How do I begin? Writing this tribute has been so difficult for me. I still have tears in my eyes as I write this because I find it hard to believe you are not here with us any longer. I knew this day would come as we will all have our day but I never knew it would be so soon…… I still cannot erase from my memory the scream from Kayode (your first son and my husband) when Maami called him at about 6:30am on Wednesday, 20th March 2019 while I was getting ready for work to inform him about your death.

I had a loving father in you and I still remember the way you made me feel loved and protected in the family. Your first words to Maami when you realised that Kayode and i were serious were “Please we all need to know and understand that Chichi is not from here. Therefore, we must do all within our power to make her feel loved and protected. We must also show her that we are equally good people”.

Those words assured me that I had found a second home.  I cannot also forget your banters with my parents, the way you made it a point of duty to be at every event celebrated by my parents, your hearty laughter, the way you pronounce your words, your dogged support for APC (Buhari), your dreams about your book.

Even though you’re gone now, I want to thank you for how you loved me like your own and for everything. I did not tell you this while you were here with us but God knows that I love you with all my heart.

Sleep on dad until we meet to part no more.

Keji (Olafimihan) Adekanye

Baba, your demise was a rude shock to us but we take solace in the fact that you are finally free from the vain and troubles of this world.

I would always remember how you notice my silence in every family gathering and worriedly ask “Keji O n sòrò ni?” (Meaning “Keji, dont you talk at all?).

We remain eternally grateful for the seeds of discipline, hard work and ambition that you have planted.

You would dearly be missed.

Rest on Baba.

Iyiola Branco-Ashade

I love Grandpa. I miss Grandpa. He helps me with my phonics assignment and because he plays with me. What I love most about Grandpa is that when he comes back from work, he always buy something for me and grandma. Rest in peace Grandpa.

Zechariah Akwewanu

It hurts to think that you are not here anymore. Although I can’t help but smile with tears in my eyes to think of how we cherished each and every moment of our lives together when you were alive. Death is an occurrence that can’t be avoided, but your passing away remain a big shock to me, Miss You Dad

Pastor Moses  Onireti CP rtd.

Sunley, the news of your sudden death was a big shock to me. l have known you from our days at UNlLAG 1976-1979 as a very hard-working man. No wonder you graduated with flying colors. You inspired me in the same vein. The fact that you gave all your children good education did not come to me as a surprise. You were a symbol of hard-working. Even in death l am proud of you. My heart is heavy as l am paying this tribute trying to control my tears. l however take consolation that you lived a fulfilled life. May the Almighty God grant you eternal rest, amen.Odabo oremi atata, Sun re o.

Mrs Adeyeye

Proverbs 19: 21 says ” Man proposes but God disposes.” l never knew you would leave the stage of life so soon after our last meeting at Alhaja Ganiyat Amusat’s 60th Birthday on February 10. It is gratifying that you left the stage while the ovation was loudest.

You were an embodiment of hard work, free mind; a great disciplinarian and an astute Administrator. Everyone who was in contact with you in your life time knew you were a gem. You were very focused and energetic. You touched the lives of your students with the effective teaching of English Language even to the point of death. Your dexterity in the teaching of English Language would remain indelible in the sand of time. It would be difficult to fill the vacuum your departure had created.

Your no-nonsense posture as an Administrator earned you nick names like “Abija” in Yewa High School; Baba Ajasco at St.Joseph Mangoro and in Alimosho Senior Grammar School but the undeniable fact remains that you were highly effective in all you did and you affected lives positively both at work in Schools and in your Tutorial Centers. l believe you are resting in  the Lord after a lifelong labour.

I will continue to miss your regular thought provoking postings on our ARPSSON platforms. Adeiu SMA as l used to call you.

Adeyeye D. A Mrs Your colleague at St.Joseph Mangoro Agege & at Lagos State Model College Meiran.

Tribute to My Great Teacher, Super-Coach & Human English Library- Mr Adebisi ADEKANYE

– Abiodun OLIYIDE

In the mid-nineties when most tutors, teachers and even schools in Lagos prided themselves in all kinds of examination malpractices for both WAEC and the UME, you never jumped on the bandwagon. Rather, you stuck to very high moral standards and ethos of dignity, hard work and discipline. This, you did consistently year-in, year-out. Yours was the very bright light others trailed in Agege and its environs. In no time, Adekanye had become a household name amongst parents and students as a choice clinic for full-scale English Language Makeover in Lagos.

Mr Adekanye, you were a super-coach! You didn’t just teach; you also inspired Sir!! You gave your all into the students you coached. I have met a few passionate teachers and can boldly say that you stood out Sir. Till date, I still wonder where you got your energy from. You would constantly scream your lungs out- just to ensure you got full and rapt attention of the whole class of well over 200 students per time. As with most great coaches, you had no time for kids’ gloves. With you, tough love works quite well. On countless times, you had sent some students out of your classes for misbehaving. In fact, we used to say; “the fear of Adekanye is the beginning of wisdom.” Today, I’m one of your proud protégés. I’m eternally grateful for your huge sacrifices. A very rare breed and great character creed, your name heralds. May God bless your soul more and more Sir.

You were such a brilliant coach. You had a story for nearly all idioms you taught me in English Language. How you made English Language so easy to learn! You were like a library of English Language and English Literature in human form to me. Despite my science core focus, you successfully deepened my hunger to learn more of English Language and also gave me an eye for Literary Appreciation. Even in your death, I will celebrate you Sir. My academic story cannot be truly written without a good mention of you and your coaching.

I trust the Heavens would have rolled out drums on your arrival. You were such a good and noble man. As you journey the afterworld, your good works live on here on Earth, Sir! May Heavens reward you handsomely.

May God grant you good repose. Please do rest in peace and power Sir!

Adieu, Mr Adekanye- my inspiring teacher and coach.

Your proud protégé,



– Mrs Osituyo l.O

I never imagined that I will be writing your eulogy so soon. How could you leave this earthly world just like that without saying goodbye even to your dear wife and your lovely children.

Mr S.M.A. Adekanye was a born, dedicated and committed teacher until he answered the call of Unquestionable God. He worked tirelessly, moulded the lives of all those that crossed his path. He was one of the best in ensuring that everything went perfect academically with all his students in preparing them for SSCE, NECO and JAMB especially in English and Literature Studies. No wonder God crowned all his efforts and he rose to the post of Director of Education/Principal before his retirement.

Even, after retirement, he never relented in his efforts in coaching students and writing books on English Studies in preparation for students success in External Examinations.

Now that you have completed your assignment and finished your race on this planet creditably, May the Almighty God grant you Eternal Rest.

Adieu, till we meet to part no more.

Victor Oliyide

It is ironic that words have failed me to express the enormous impact that you Mr. Adekanye, who had painstakingly taught me to be master of words in my early stage of life at fourteen years old, had had on my education.

My hands were shaking the day I happened upon Jumoke Adekanye’s post on Facebook that you have danced to the night of your life. They were shaking because I am conscious that this mother earth has lost another gem. A star. A hero. A god. A syntax guru. And a goodhearted English teacher.

Sir, Mr. Adekanye, could I even write a true account of my academic history without you getting involved?  Who is my linguistic foundation?  Yes, it is you. Who honed my deep interest in the literary world at age fourteen? Sir, it is you. I could remember the nickname you used to call me whenever there was a Literature class: “Balogun leyin obinrin!” It actually means a warrior with many women. Of course, I was used to being the only boy in our Literature classes!

I could remember the day I told my biological father that I wanted to be like Mr. Adekanye in the future.  He asked, “why?” And I replied my father, “Because Mr.  Adekanye rules my world.”

Yes, you did. You ruled my world back then. You showed me the way in that haphazard looking classroom. I am grateful for being the light in my dullest days.

The good news and the only reason that would buck me up, reflecting on everything, is that the life you lived had produced great men and women in the society.

I am proud today that you have left INVALUABLE legacies to humanity. (I capitalised the word,  ‘invaluable’, because it was from you I learned that word when I was preparing for my UME).

Mr.  Adekanye, with tears laced across my eyes, and with happiness mixed together with sadness, I say goodnight to you.

Best Syntax teacher in the whole world!

Your beloved ex-student in 2004 set,

Olawale Perfect

Daddy taught me back in the days of Expert Teachers Coaching Centre. We used to call him Papa Ajasco behind his back. He was a strict man but he is probably the best English teacher that I have met in my lifetime. He built my foundation in English and made me love writing. I got an award in my Secondary School as the best student in English Language. Many people thought I was super intelligent, what they did not know is that I was being taught by Mr Adekanye.

I promised myself severally that I would visit Daddy to say thank you for being an amazing teacher but alas I never created time to visit daddy until now. I wish I actually visited him earlier to let him know that the impact of his teaching is something we would never recover from.

Tribute from Condolence Register and Facebook

Eyefia Edward

A rare gem is gone.

Chief Samuel Hundogan

Egbon sleep in the bosom of thy Lord. You are builder of nation. Many will not forget you. May your soul rest in peace.

Alhaji Azees A. A. Amusat

Losing an energetic teacher, disciplinarian, a perfect administrator, an excellent examiner and friend. Am still in shock. As a class teacher of Lower.6 in Anwar-Ul Islam College, Agege, (No matter the number of students), he knew them by their names. He was a super English and Literature teacher. The Remedial Students of the College between 1980 and 1992 will forever be grateful to him. Erin woo ninu igbo, igbo kan bobo. Efon lo laginju, iju mi titi. Adebisi Adekanye lo lai ko dagbere. Ki a to rerin odigbo, ka to refon, o dodon, ka to reye bi Okin, o di orun alakeji. Sun re o Baba Gbemisola. The sudden death of SMA as fondly called was a rude shock. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Beatrice Ijiwola

Rest in peace Mr Adekanye if I want to talk about you I will type from morning till night ,your integrity ,candid advice concerning my children education when Expert teacher’s lesson started you advised me and said I quote Mama Lanre there is no sacrifice too much for our children’s education they are our future and the future of our nation pay the sacrifice and reap the reward Thank you for the legacy you left behind .I and many others will remember you for life and i prayed that your family will harvest the fruits of every seed you sown Sun re Baba Adekanye fondly called by students then.

Greg Lanre Ijiwola Tribute

I thought about him a few days ago as I was working on a writing project and I thanked him in my heart. I did not know he had passed away to glory last week. I got the news this morning.

This is a tribute to Mr Adebisi Adekanye, the best English teacher, principal and mentor I had in high school. My dad taught me how to read but he taught me how to write. He made us do essays and summaries every week as if we were doing professional level exams. Through these exercises, writing became normal for me and till today I still utilize this skill, journaling consistently and writing profusely.

He believed in me and encouraged me. He cheered me on when I didn’t have enough confidence in myself. He was always proud of me.

He was also one of the first people I met with utmost integrity. He refused to compromise in any way or practice the corruption that was rampant in Nigeria’s high school then. As a principal, corrupt teachers revered him. The corrupt people in the public education system feared him because he would not compromise.

The last time we communicated, he told me he wanted me to come to Nigeria and speak to Students in the public education system and tell my story and inspire them. He said, he will make the arrangement possible. I have kept that wish of his in my heart since and I pray God willing for the day it would be fulfilled.

Mr Adekanye, prince of teachers, lover of prose and poetry, man of steel, Rest in Peace. You inspired and impacted my life irreversibly.

Condolences to his family Adekanye Gbemisola Kayode Adekanye! May God be your comfort.

Dayo Olafimihan Tribute

From what people say/posted/write about him, papa Adekanye was a great man. I’ll forever miss him – orun rere o.

Omolola Satar, Kabir Ali Balogun, Bello Shakiru (Old Boys Anwar—ull Islam College, Agege) Tribute

Oga, you left us without a warning, but like all mortals, you have paid the final price. May your soul rest in peace.

Seye Ogunsanwo Tribute

My leader, my mentor, my teacher, you are a rare gem, everything you taught us is helpful till today, your legacy lives on.

Mrs Osinoiki, FD ( Abesan Senior High School) Tribute

You were such a great man, a mentor, a good administrator, we are going to miss you, may your gentle soul rest in peace.

Alhaja Alarape S.K.W Tribute

Mr S.M.A Adekanye, you came to the world, you battled and you conquered, you have touched so many lives, may your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.

Ige A. Peters Tribute

Iku duro, Iku pa oga wa! Master rest in perfect peace, we ACAOSA 91/92 set will surely miss you.

Dimowo J.O Tribute

You were a rare gem in the teaching profession. You gave it your all. May you find favorable judgement from your maker.

Lagos State Model College Meiran Senior Girl Tribute

You were a wonderful man in your days. Rest in the peaceful bosom of the lord.

Lagos State Model College Parent Forum Tribute

Baba was a wonderful creature. May his gentle soul rest in peace. On behalf of all his students from Model College Meiran. Rest in peace. PRO (Parent Forum).

Pastor Gabriel Babalola (Oladimeji Family in Ikorodu)

I was dumbfounded when I heard about the sudden death of my senior brother who have been close to me these past few months. I pray that God will grant him eternal rest.

Mr Kunle Adimula Ibigiga

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Akala Ahmad Olajide on behalf of Millenium Senior Secondary School 2006 Set

Baba SMA Adekanye was a great impact in my life. May God give his family the fortitude to bear the loss.

Abesin Aminat on behalf of Alhaji Abesin’s Family

Baba Adekanye was a great teacher and father to me, he impacted me academically and morally, may the Almighty God grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss. Sun re baba.

Mustafa Adebimpe Tribute

Daddy, the guru of English language, you will be missed. I am just sad that you left when your wonderful book was about to make such a great impact on your name. But I know that your legacies lives on. Rest in peace.

Abesin Quadri on Bahalf of ALIGRAMS 2008 Set

Mr Adekanye was a wonderful father and teacher. A man who taught and impacted great confidence in his wards. Everyone saw him as a father to never forget.

Mrs A.N Ajanero

Rest in the bosom of the Lord.

Mrs Udolisa Tribute

My in-law, may your gentle soul rest in peace of our lord, amen, oga nke oma.

Prince Adeshina Adedokun Tribute

Baba, continue to rest in the bosom of the most high lord.

Akeem Ashinyanbi Tribute

Baba was cerebral and highly and widely read. I recollect our first interaction when the ten minutes I intended to spend turned to more than one hour. The realities of life I learnt from him that day continue to sustain me till today. Rest in peace. Although you weren’t my biological father, you still were my father.

Daniel Bayo Ibitoye

O death! Where is thy sting? O grave! Where is thy victory? Akobi elemosho, sun re o ni ese jesu Kristi! Amin ati amin.

Adedeji Ogunswanwo

Haaaa. Iku doro. Iku Seka. O mu oga wa lo. He was in Royal Crown School to deliver English language tips to the SS3 students last week Tuesday and Thursday. I wanted it on 19th and 21st of March, this week. He said “Doctor, No. 12th and 14th is better.” I did not argue. He came and did justice. He died this week!! Continue to RIP.

Oladimeji Isinkalu

A great disciplinarian of no equal has left this sinful world for us. Adieu my man.

Olasusi Akinyemi

I don’t really believe that a great achiever, an astute educationist and experience English Language Chief Examiner has gone to meet his Maker. Rest in peace Baba

Dele Falana

He taught me. He was a role model. Brushed off my inclination to be a very bad boy in school. He restored me back to good path and laid a foundation of being good and having a vision that products of Amaddiyyah College, Agege, Lagos is known for throughout the world. Adiue Master. Men like you are rare to find. May your soul rest in perfect peace and may Almighty God grant your family the fortitude to bear the great loss.

Azeez Solaahuddeen Babatunde Adebayo

The great man is gone, but the spirit of success he impacted in us “modelites 2012/13 set” still lives in us, we love you but GOD loves you most “BABA SMA” R.I.P.

Simeon Opawole

RIP. Oyan Town in Osun State and Nigeria in particular has lost a rare gem in the education sector. A man of sterling qualities, a teacher of teachers, a principal of principals.

Ademola Boluwatife

A Man of action, your mark in model college meiran will never be forgotten. You have lived an impactful and fufilled life. R.I.P.

Chinwe Ezeigbo Durugo

Rip Mr Adebisi Adekanye. You were a great man while alive, you will be remembered by your many works.

Oluwasijibomi Lemo

I’m in rude a shock. What a news. A straightforward man,, no nonsense man, teacher of teachers, administrator per excellence, he would call a spade by no other name, you can’t attend his English Language class and fail except the witch in one’s house has not finally released that individual. A workaholic and lover of his family. What more can I say, oga mi, you came, saw,, conquered and left a footprint that would forever be difficult to erase in teaching line. May your soul rest in peace. Adieu.

Olayinka Popoola

What a Great Loss! A thorough Teacher and a Disciplinarian to the core. Well Respected and Very Respectful of his Products. Rest On!

Mobolaji Oshodi-Glover

Rest in Peace…. He was a really great man and has impacted in so many lives. You’ll forever be remembered..S.M.A Adebisi Adekanye

Adeola Ogunsade Olusanya

Haa!!!! Ajanaku sun bi oke, Erin subu kole dide. Rest in perfect peace Baba SMA Adekanye.

Afolabi Adejare

Oh what a man. Consistently hardworking. Will be greatly missed in Education sector. Rest in peace papa.

Mobolaji Ojo

He was a builder of men and women. He touched so many lives.He was a great man both in out of government service. He will be greatly missed by all and sundry. Adieu! SMA, May your soul rest in peace.

Otunba Prince Rasaki Sogbade

May his soul rest in peace, may the good lord forgives him and repose his soul among the best of mankind. God almighty will give his family and we his students the fortitude to bear the loss.

Morounfolu Akindele

Baba Adekanye was a loving father and wonderful principal, a man with a large heart, very hard working and firm. We will miss him. May God grant him eternal rest in Jesus Mighty Name

Olori Abike Akinwande Olayemi

Didundidun ni iranti olododo Mr Adebisi Adekanye, it is good night and not good bye until we meet to be known as we are known. RIP

Cecilia Ezeakacha

My dear be proud of him. He was one of the best. My first encounter with him was during my SSSCE Supervision in St. Joseph Secondary School Agege. He made my work so easy. A disciplinarian to the core. May his gentle soul rest in the bosom of the Almighty Father Amen.

Dawodu Akintunde Tribute

May his Gentle Soul Rest In Perfect Peace. I’m still in Shock over the New. May The Lord give you guys the Grace to Overcome these Trying Period. I remembered and still Reflect on all  the moments we had together. He is a wonderful Man. Till we meet in the Resurrection Morning, I say Rest On My Beloved Father. It’s Well With Our Soul.

Mr Cosmos M.

Rest in perfect peace daddy. Nobody can replace the vacuum you created.

Millennium Senior Secondary School Teachers

The news of your demise came to us as a rude shock! You come, you saw, you conquered. We take solace in God because he is the giver of life. Continue to rest in the bosom of your maker.

Mrs Esther Okanlawon Nee Ibitoye

Akobi Elemosho, Omo Laule, rest in the bossom of our lord Jesus Christ. Adieu, adieu, adieu.

Mrs Bankole B.F

Rest in perfect peace.

Deaconess Afolabi

Mo dupe lowo olorun fun igbe aiye rere ti e gbe. Alakoso ebi odigba.

Reverend Adewoye G.O

Rest in peace in Jesus name.

Alhaji Alibalogun O.K

Adieu, papa, rest in peace.

Adekanmbi Family

Daddy rest in peace we love you.

Longe O.A

A great leader has gone.

Mrs Ifeoluwamayowa O.O.

God shall grant the family grace of comfort and fortitude.

Mrs O.O Koya

Unbelievable, unquestionable God, we thank you for a gifted life fill of academic and progressive activities.

Mrs Oluwaniyi F.O

It is unfortunate and the departure sudden. May the lord be with the family.

Mrs Oguntuase

Sir, I pray may your gentle soul rest in peace.

Lagos State Model College Meiran

Rest in peace. An iconic father.

Mrs Alonge O.F

Rest in perfect peace.

Adetiba E.F

Eternal rest to a born teacher S.M.A

Ahmed Abiodun

You will be greatly missed daddy.

Alaba Dabiri

You will forever remain in our heart and mind. A great teacher and mentor. Long live Expert tutor.

Hassan Taiwo

A great teacher.

Ademola Adetayo

Baba Adekanye, great disciplinarian, educationist per excellence. You left your mark.

Bisi Akinloye

Baba, I didn’t know you in person but I was told you are a very good man. May your soul continue to rest in peace.

Prince Pat Akindoye

May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Adefioye J

Baba was our great English Literature teacher at Anwar-Ul-Islam College. May God grant your family the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

Fetuga Adesola

Abiamo tooto

Hajia Tailor

Daddy RIP

Adekunle Foluke

Our beloved dad rest in peace, we will not forget your legacies.

Mrs Loveday

Daddy, we will miss you but God knows the best. Rest in him.

Mrs Adejare Funmi

Daddy, we love you but Jesus loves you most. Rest in peace.

Mrs Abioye K

Adieu papa. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Miss you.

Tanimowo O.S on behalf of ALAOSITES 91-92 Set

Mr Adekanye is a leader and a teacher. Throughout his years of service we ALAOSITES won’t forget his contributions to our loves. Goodbye forever sir.

Babalola Muritala Babatunde Alagbado Lagos

Your departure to glory is so sudden and mysterious but God knows the reason why. Not even any trace could be reveled about your sudden demise. Rest in the bosom of the lord and in perfect peace. Good night.

Abdulsalam Nurudeen (MSSE)

The Principal that brought the Millennium to limelight and made the bad boys tremble throughout our time in Millennium.

Emayuku Blessing

A giant, a model, a Wiseman, a super human, we love you but God loves you MORE. May your soul rest in peace.

Victor Valentine (OVC)

Hmm, Baba, in all you do and all you made me go through in life had made me who I am today, thank you for making me this man today. Rest in perfect peace sir. I know you loved me even back then.