Mr S. M. Adebisi ADEKANYE was born on 26 June, 1949 at Elemosho compound in Oyan, Osun State.

Mr S. M. Adebisi ADEKANYE was born on 26 June, 1949 at Elemosho compound in Oyan, Osun State.

His parents were Pa Caleb Adekeye and Madam Comfort Ayoola. He started his early childhood in Oyan, but later on his parents travelled to Twifo-Ati Morkwa District, Gold Coast now Ghana to make a new life. There he availed himself of the educational facilities in Ghana and had his primary and secondary education.

He came back to Nigeria in 1969 when the Ghanaian government introduced the Aliens Compliance Order. In Nigeria, he worked hard and eventually gained admission into University of Lagos in 1976 to pursue a degree program in English Language. This he completed in 1979 with B.A (Hons) English.

He was in Benue to serve as a Youth Corps Member which he completed in 1980. In 1982, he obtained a Certificate in Marketing Studies from the Institute of Marketing United Kingdom, and he became an associate the following year.

His love for teaching and impacting knowledge on the younger generation drove his career choice to become a teacher. He was appointed as educational officer and posted to Anwar-ul- Islam on 1st August 1980 as a teacher of both English Language and English Literature.

The job was tasking because he was often in charge of six registers in Lower Six and the arts class as the class teacher. Throughout his stay in Anwar-ul-Islam he had to control the Lower Six arts students. This was done with dexterity. He knew all the Lower six students by name and he could write a cogent report about each of the students in the class. This instilled fear in the students and a grudging admiration for his apparent interest in their success. This was a trait that followed him throughout his career.

One distinctive feature about him was that apart from the first set of students he taught in Literature-in-English for the advanced level of the 1980-1981 who failed in the subject the rest of the nine sets were registering 100% passes with some scoring alpha in the subject. This was an unparalleled record in the school.

As a mark of appreciation and respect for him and all the dedicated teachers, his students would never allow anybody to come and molest or harass a teacher in the school. This was highly commendable and worthy of emulation by all students. In all he spent ten full years at Anwar-ul-Islam.

He went back to University of Lagos to achieve Post Graduate Diploma in Education in 1989. That same year, he started Expert Teachers Coaching Center which would become one of his greatest legacies as an educator per excellence.

In 1990, he was transferred to Yewa High School, Agege as the Vice Principal. He was in Yewa for nine years and left Yewa in 1999. For a short period in 1999, he was transferred to Festac College, Amuwo Odofin, as the Deputy Principal.

Shortly within that same year in 1999, he was also transferred to St Joseph Secondary School as a Deputy Principal. He was in St Joseph for three years and left in 2001. In 2001, he was transferred to Ijaiye Ojokoro Secondary School, also as a Deputy Principal till 2002.

In 2002, he was transferred to Millennium Senior Secondary School as the pioneer Principal. As the pioneer principal, he had to coin the school motto and choose the school uniform.

He was there for four years and left in 2007 to Alimosho Senior Grammar School also as a Principal, he was there for three years, from where he was transferred to Lagos State Model Senior School, Meiran as the Principal for three years.

On June 26, 2013, he retired from the service as a Director of Education. He made a mark in every school he ever served in. His colleagues and students always recognized that he was a different breed as a teacher and as a member of the administrative staff; he had drive, energy and a gift for teaching and leading.

He made great reforms. He was always handpicked to be Principal of particular schools because he could be trusted with instilling discipline in the students and bringing order to the administration of the school. Even in the face of opposition, he never gave up and he always triumphed in the end.

He ran Expert Teachers Coaching Center for eighteen years alongside Mr. Asiedu. Every weekday, after school he will retire to Number 1, Olushola Street in Dopemu where Expert Teachers Coaching Center was located.

He also spent his Saturdays and most Sundays in the coaching center when the main exams of WAEC, NECO and JAMB were drawing close and students needed to be intensively prepared to write them.

During its period of existence, the coaching center became very renowned in Agege axis

because students who went through the coaching passed their exams without hassle and there was no form of examination malpractice. Till date, former students still testify to the principles Expert Teachers Coaching Center was known for.

After retirement, he founded Sunleymart Educational Consultants Limited. Despite the fact that he retired he was still very much interested in contributing to the development of the education sector. With Sunleymart, he organized teaching workshops for English Language teachers. He also held short coaching sessions for students preparing for WASSCE.

In a bid to document his teaching methods for posterity to tap from long after he has passed on to the great beyond, he wrote The Pacesetter English for Senior Secondary Schools, a book on the rudiments of passing WASSCE English Language.

His major aim was to ensure that the phenomenon of failure in English Language in WASSCE would become a thing of the past. He self-published the book and sold over 2,000 copies of the book to both public and private schools across Lagos State.

The positive response and success of the book encouraged him to write two unpublished workbooks for The Pacesetter English for Senior Secondary Schools and The Roadmap of Use of English Language (JAMB), also unpublished.

Mr S M Adebisi Adekanye took so much joy and fulfillment in working, especially teaching. He didn’t stumble into Teaching by happenstance, it was destiny, a calling for him.

This passion encouraged him to work hard and give his all to the books he wrote. As a book writer, he didn’t mind working late into the night so as to meet his target and finish the books. He spent a lot of time researching and composing essays and summaries for the books.

Even the night before he died, he edited The Roadmap of Use of English Language. He lived an exemplary and simple life. He wasn’t concerned about self-aggrandizement. He did anything he found his hands doing with honesty and hard work.

He loved knowledge and he was an avid reader. He read newspapers and books with enthusiasm. Every single day, offhand, he will tell you all the major headlines from across the world. He also loved watching CNN and documentaries. This was his favorite means of relaxing.

On long days, music was his companion especially Ghanaian Highlife Songs, King Sunny Ade, Orlando Owoh, Ebenezer Obey and once in a while he will hum Nigerian contemporary hip hop after watching a few music videos on television.

As a Christian, he believed in the brevity of life and the quality of grace. He never abandoned his catholic upbringing from the days he served as Chorister during his catholic secondary school days. He could add a tune to almost every hymn. Throughout his life, he never stopped singing hymns and one of his favorite hymns was Lead Us Heavenly Father.

The grace of God upon his life led him to his heartthrob, Mrs Mautin Adekanye, the supportive and loving wife who stood by his side for forty five years as his spouse. Their marriage was blessed with five wonderful children and grandchildren. His children proudly carry on his memories and his values.

Mr Sunley Martinius Adebisi Adekanye translated to the great beyond on 20 March 2019.

His death is an irreparable loss but his life was a triumph, a celebration of simple joys and great accomplishments. He gave full measure to the cause of family and humanity and his memories shall abide forever.